W. L. Seaver

Purring in God's Ears 2

Purring in God’s Ears 2 is the second book of true stories about feral or unwanted cats. Having been involved with cat rescue on my own and with rescue groups for about 20 years, these stories have come out of those rescues or caretaking experiences.  Each chapter has at least one painting of the actual cat compiled from numerous photos, as well as other animal paintings pertinent to the stories. There are life values or lessons from each story at the end of the chapter.  Each cat has a unique purr and a special story.


The stories communicate the unique personality of each cat and their struggles.  At the same time, these cat stories should encourage the individual with the truth that God is available to help regardless of one's situation or age.  The difficult situations are opportunities for each individual to trust God and to see the outworking of His divine help.  People will identify with many of the fourteen situations described in this book and will want to understand the good that God has intended since eternity past.

Paintings by Jeanne Mack : www.jeannemackart.com




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